Excel Hand Dryers

2019 Xcel Hand dryer 







New and improved XLERATOR and XLERATOReco Hand Dryers now come with a 7 year warranty! Any models purchased after December 1, 2019 are now warrantied to be free of manufacturing defects for 7 years, which covers ALL PARTS, including the motor and sensor.  Most hand dryers offer a 1 to 5 year, limited warranty. If you read the fine print you will find that the motor is usually covered for only 3 years or less, and the sensor for only 1 year. But XLERATOR and XLERATOReco dryers new, 7 year warranty covers EVERYTHING, even the motor and the sensor!

These newly upgraded dryers feature a new curved brush motor. You can now expect a 50% longer life due to this new design.

And even better, the additional product improvements for the XLERATOR and the XLERATOReco and the new 7 year warranty are at NO ADDITIONAL COST or CHARGE!

Contact C.C.Pierce Company for ordering information at 800-743-7201 or 781-934-8300.