Excel Dryer – American-made Hand Dryers

excel-logoExcel Dryer, Inc., has manufactured quality, American-made, hand dryers for over 43 years. Excel’s full line of hand dryers has supplied cost-effective quality dryers for use in a variety of facilities including schools, hospitals, airports, stadiums, factories, service stations, and many other commercial businesses.

The XLERATOR® model sets a new industry standard, drying hands in 10-15 seconds, using 80% less energy than conventional dryers, and is Green Spec® listed. For additional information, go to www.exceldryer.com/pdfs/Excel2014SellSheet.pdf

For additional product models, color and logo customization, or other options, as well as, pricing and ordering information, contact C.C.Pierce at 800-743-7201 or 781-934-8300.

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