EiKO Global, LLC


For 35 years, EiKO Global, LLC has delivered the industry’s best lighting products. Carrying the broadest selection of any manufacturer in its class,  EiKO is committed to providing innovative products, unique solutions, and unmatched support to its customers. EiKO’s LitespanLED® line features state-of-the art LED replacement lamps and fixtures for unparalleled energy efficiency. EiKO also provides a wide array of general lighting products for various industries such as commercial, audio visual, medical, photographic, and stage/studio.

EiKO products are Certified Green. Lamps are Certified Green after meeting high energy efficiency or low energy consumption guidelines. Certified Green products are TCLP, RoHS, Title 24 and/or ENERGY STAR® rated.

EiKO’s Product offering includes:

LED Lamps                                                                                 LiteSpan LED®Fixtures
Color Master PRO™ Ceramic Metal Halide                          HID Lamps
PowerMaster™Ballasts                                                           Halogen Lamps
Fluorescent Lamps                                                                   Incandescent Lamps
SoLux Halogen Lamps                                                             ANSI Coded Lamps
Miniature Lamps                                                                      ArcMaster SSTV Discharge Lamps
ColorMaster Digital Imaging Lamps                                     Germicidal Lamps
Healthcare, Medical, and Scientific Lamps                          LCD Lamps
Safety-Coated Lamps                                                              Retrofit/Refit
EiKON™ Energy Efficient Halogen Lamps

For specific product information, go to www.eiko.com.

Contact C.C.Pierce at 800-743-7201 or 781-934-8300 for additional information regarding product, pricing, and/or ordering EiKO for the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island marketplace.